41+ weeks consult

Your delivery date is at 40 weeks gestation.

If you have not given birth, we will wait until 42 weeks in the Netherlands. From 41 weeks, we can do an internal examination and possibly strip to help start your contractions. We will feel inside you and if you have a centimeter or more dilatation we move our finger between the cervix and membranes. We hope then that a hormone will be released, prostaglandin, which can give you contractions and make you go into labour. It does not always help, sometimes you get some premature contractions and not real labour contractions. It has no disadvantage for the child.

If you do not deliver before the 42nd week of pregnancy, then you will be induced in the hospital. Together we can make other arrangements, for example if you want to deliver before 42 weeks gestation.

The most important thing is that you feel the baby moving. If the baby is moving less or not at all, call our emergency number right away. Do not delay at all. It is easy for us to give you an extra check-up.