12 – 36 weeks consult

A check-up will take place at the practice between 12 and 36 weeks of pregnancy at 2-4 weeks. A number of checks are highlighted below.

During each check-up we look at the baby, if desired. During the check-ups, we also discuss the blood and ultrasound results. We will also tell you about the 13-week ultrasound and 20-week ultrasound, which take place in an external ultrasound practice. We also tell you about the 22-week jab.

27 weeks of pregnancy

If indicated, we will have an extensive sugar test done around 27 weeks. This must be done by appointment at a lab.

If your blood group is Rhesus D negative or the rhesus small c is negative then your blood is checked again. We can then see if the baby has a positive or negative blood type and whether you have created irregular antibodies, such as rhesus small c antibodies.
We also immediately prick blood for the 30-week control, to test your iron and sugar levels.

Around 30 weeks we check your iron levels and your sugar levels. In the coming weeks we check the growth of the baby carefully, when we are in doubt we will make growth ultrasound around 32 weeks.