There are three places where you can give birth in the Amsterdam area: at home, in a hospital (outpatients) or in the child birth clinic in the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital (Ziekenhuis).

At home

If you want to give birth at home, we come to your house, prepare our equipment and stay, if that is already necessary, with you. We also call maternity care to assist us at home.
We are well-prepared for all types of situations and do everything to ensure there is a safe birth for the baby and for you. We have oxygen for the baby, medicine for minimal blood loss and medications to loosen and remove the placenta.
In an emergency situation during the delivery we can also make a cut (episiotomy) to get the baby out. If you are torn or cut during the birth, then we can suture you.
But if there is any risk to you or your baby, we will of course still go to the hospital.

Outpatients’ clinic or child birth clinic

We always first come to your home. Call us first. If it is your first baby and you have 6 or 7 centimeters dilation, we shall go to the hospital.
For a second or subsequent pregnancy we go to the hospital from 4 to 5 centimeters dilation. In both situations we stay there with you and also do the delivery.


We do not have a fixed hospital where we work. The following hospitals are in and near Amsterdam: