Between the 37th and 42nd week of pregnancy you can give birth with us at home, at our practice in a birthing room or in the hospital. We also give birth in the hospital.

When should you call us? The following headings describe when you should call us, what you need to have arranged and what options are available with regard to the delivery.

Places to give birth

There are several options for giving birth in Amsterdam: at home, in an outpatient setting in a hospital, in the delivery center in the OLVG west or at our practice in one of our delivery rooms.


If you want to give birth at home, we will come to you, we will set up our things and stay with you if necessary. We also call maternity care to assist us in the home situation.
For a safe delivery, we are prepared for all kinds of situations. We have oxygen for the baby, medicines for minimal blood loss and to allow the placenta to be born without any problems.
In an emergency, we can also make a cut. If you are torn or have a cut, we have the necessary suture material.
But if there is any risk to you or your baby, we will of course still go to the hospital.


If you give birth as an outpatient in the hospital, we will simply do the birth with you. Always call us first. We will visit your home and, if it is time, call a hospital of your choice to discuss whether there is room. We will go with you and stay with you.

Birth Center Rhea

In our birth center Midwifery Practice Hygiëa you can give birth in one of our two specially equipped delivery rooms. All the necessary facilities are available there and expectant mothers and fathers can give birth here in peace with the support of their own midwife and their own maternity care. We stay nearby to guide you well and for the partner there is a nice chair to sit in. A doula is also very welcome and of course all tools are available to make the delivery less painful and as pleasant as possible for you.

When the delivery starts, we can first visit you or you can come directly to the practice. Always call in advance if you want to come, we are not always present at the practice.

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We do not have a permanent hospital that we work with. The following hospitals are in and near Amsterdam: