Birth centre

Delivery rooms at birth centre Hygiëa

In our birth centre Hygiëa you can give birth in one of our two specially equipped delivery rooms. All necessary facilities are available and the upcoming mothers and fathers can give birth here in peace and quiet with the support of their own midwife and their own maternity care. We stay in the birth centre to guide you and for the partner there is a comfortable chair. A doula is always welcome and of course all the resources are present to make the delivery less painful and as pleasant as possible for you.


More and more women are opting for a delivery in our birth centre. Sometimes it is more practical to give birth at our birth centre because of your living situation or the accessibility to your home. In addition, the situation requires medical intervention you will, due to our central location, quickly reach the nearest hospital. This will usually be the UMC Amsterdam location AMC, Amstelland (hospital in Amstelveen) or OLVG West; an ambulance is at the hospital in five minutes. If no ambulance is needed, we will drive you to the hospital with our car.


You do not have to wait for 5 to 6 cm dilatation to come to our birth centre, if the contractions continues steadily and you have 2 to 3 cm dilatation you and your partner are most welcome. You can easily deal with the contractions at our birth centre and in theory you do not have to move elsewhere. If everything goes well with mother and child after giving birth, you can return home after a few hours.


Of course everyone is welcome in our birth centre. For example, besides your partner your mother of any loved ones. Our birth centre is a great alternative if you want to give birth in a home environment instead of a delivery on an outpatient basis at the hospital, for any upcoming mother who cannot or does not want to give birth at home.

The rooms

We have two delivery rooms. Both rooms are equipped with a private bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and a delivery bath for a relaxed delivery. The rooms are homely furnished so that you can give birth in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere.


There are no costs attached if you want to give birth at our birth centre, in one of our delivery rooms. We charge € 100 for the use of the delivery bath, if you wish to use one. A separate sterile package will be opened, like a tarpaulin, to cover it.


There are a number of equipment available:

  • a Birth-TENS;
  • a CUB (inflatable birthstool);
  • wooden birthstool;
  • shower chair; and
  • if you wish you can use the delivery bath.

This device has been specially made suitable for pain relief during childbirth. You can regulate the pain yourself, so that you can relax better. As a result, the dilatation goes often faster. Because you have less pain, you are more mobile again after the delivery; less pain costs less energy. For more information see


Birth bath
A Birth bath is nice for dealing with the contractions and you can also give birth in the pool. Delivering in water is very natural and relaxed. It has several advantages:

  • hot water is relaxing;
  • sometimes moving can be easier in water;
  • the delivery can be easier because the hot water makes your muscle more supple; and
  • for the baby, the transition is nicer, gentle and tender.


Inflatable birthstool CUB
The CUB is a fine, comfortable, inflatable bath, specially designed to help and support mothers with an active, natural delivery. For more information


What to bring?

You only have to bring your maternity package. We provide the bed linen and bath towels and the hydrophilic diapers for the baby. We also provide food and drink and the biscuit covered with candy coated aniseed are ready!

If you are interested in using one of our delivery rooms, let us know. If you want more information or want to view the rooms, you are welcome and we are at your service.

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